Indian summer snowfall in the Sierra: John Muir

John Muir wrote poetry almost unconsciously. Or so it seems. For him metaphors — such as the idea of a land of clouds — were embedded in his thinking from his early days, and evolved easily into poems (though they're easier to see with a few line breaks). Here's an entry in his journal fromContinue reading “Indian summer snowfall in the Sierra: John Muir”

First Snow in Yosemite (fall of 2009)

A week ago yesterday, it was 96 degrees in Yosemite Valley. Yesterday it snowed — pretty hard — forcing the closure of the road to Glacier Point, and forcing me to walk up from the valley. But the beauty of the snow was a fine compensation, as Emerson would say…here's Sentinel Rock, from the so-calledContinue reading “First Snow in Yosemite (fall of 2009)”