“Hiker Trash” at Sonora Pass: Sec J of PCT

PCT hikers who passed through Sonora Pass this summer were fortunate to have available the mobile cooking center/store/community center Sonora Pass Resupply. For $50 this 21st century company will take your package sent by mail and have it ready for you when you arrive at the startof Section J. Plus proprietor KC has whatever else you mightContinue reading ““Hiker Trash” at Sonora Pass: Sec J of PCT”

The Martian Way: Section I of PCT/Sonora Pass

Nicholas Kristof for the NYTimes, who is walking the PCT with his daughter, heading south, wrote recently in a Sunday column about the joy and beauty of the trail, and extolled in particular one section of the trail I happen to have just completed, towards the end of Section I. From This Land is Your Land: MyContinue reading “The Martian Way: Section I of PCT/Sonora Pass”

“To sleep on the ground — talk about being grounded!”

A new feature, because I can't keep up: one quote posts. Here's an epic LA Times story on a woman who makes an annual pack trip across the Sierra with one horse, two mules and an Indian (really, no fooling).  Great story. Here's the quote: "To sleep on the ground — well, talk about beingContinue reading ““To sleep on the ground — talk about being grounded!””

Indian summer snowfall in the Sierra: John Muir

John Muir wrote poetry almost unconsciously. Or so it seems. For him metaphors — such as the idea of a land of clouds — were embedded in his thinking from his early days, and evolved easily into poems (though they're easier to see with a few line breaks). Here's an entry in his journal fromContinue reading “Indian summer snowfall in the Sierra: John Muir”

The Sierras: A lot younger than they look

The Sierra Nevada mountains are nowhere near as old as they look; geologically, they're shockingly young. That's the news from David Perlman, a science writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.  The mountains of the Sierra Nevada are still rising, and they're a lot younger than most scientists previously thought. That's the conclusion of Earth scientists inContinue reading “The Sierras: A lot younger than they look”

Sierra butterflies hit by global warming, habitat destruction

A changing climate has hurt butterfly species in the Sierra Nevada, reducing species richness by about fifty percent in the last 35 years. so reports a team at UCDAvis led by Arthur Shapiro, and reported in the PNAS: Compounded effects of climate change and habitat alteration shift patterns of butterfly diversity — PNAS Here we present 35Continue reading “Sierra butterflies hit by global warming, habitat destruction”

Sierra Water: It’s Cleaner Than You Think

That's according to an ER doc and professor at UC Davis named Robert Derlet, who has been testing water at the most popular Sierra wilderness sites for years for the Wilderness Medicine Society. Here's a study on the subject he authored a few years ago for the WMS, and here's a terrific story about hisContinue reading “Sierra Water: It’s Cleaner Than You Think”

Black Kaweah

While I’m on vacation, I thought I’d leave you with vacation-y posts. Here’s one from the Southern Sierra. If you haven’t walked over the Great Western Divide or the Whitney Crest, you may not realize that between these two rather intimidating mountain ranges, in the middle of an enormous valley at roughly 9,000 feet, liesContinue reading “Black Kaweah”