Oddest of strategies to condemn homosexuals: Wendell Berry

The culture mostly ignores the Kentucky-based writer and poet Wendell Berry, despite his vast eloquence, save on two subjects. (Or so he claims.) Undeniably he is heard regarding his distaste for computers, and his compassion for gay people who want to marry. The latter he phrases memorably in an interview with the Associated Baptist Press: Continue reading “Oddest of strategies to condemn homosexuals: Wendell Berry”

Mitt Romney: Worse than George W. Bush?

One of this country's lesser-known great writers, Edmund White, writes for The New Yorker about the Cranbrook School, where Romney and a gang of followers ritually humiliated a gay classmate in l965.  White attended the school, just as Mitt Romney did, but a few years earlier, and as a gay person. He speculates about Romney's motivationsContinue reading “Mitt Romney: Worse than George W. Bush?”

The writer who fired the producer: Brett Radner

Yesterday Mark Harris at Grantland eviscerated Brett Radner, the man chosen to produce the Oscar telecast this year, for his "rehearsal is for fags" comment, and lame subsequent apology. Harris wrote:  I’ve had to listen to versions of every one of these mea-not-quite-culpas over the years and seriously, I’m no longer interested in patiently witnessingContinue reading “The writer who fired the producer: Brett Radner”

Where the word “gay” came from

A poorly-named but still charming photo blog focuses on people of the same sex enjoying each other's close company in times gone by, despite the massive taboo against homosexuality back in the day. It's heart-warming, or should be, for everyone who believes in love and friendship.  Included is an old pulp novel cover, which makesContinue reading “Where the word “gay” came from”