Beached white males: the Great Recession comes home

At a graduation ceremony, I visited with middle-aged men of my acquaintance, and found many of them — maybe even a majority — living like me without steady work. When I talked about it a little, they readily admitted they were hurting. Taking construction jobs for a $100 under the table, despite having careers inContinue reading “Beached white males: the Great Recession comes home”

The Millenials: An abused generation?

So argued economist Ed Leamer in a piece I wrote that the Reporter ran last week:  “I see a lot of kids who are really struggling, and it’s very troubling to me,” he said. “I think we’re looking at an abused generation. A lot of kids are graduating from college with a huge amount ofContinue reading “The Millenials: An abused generation?”

As Unemployment Rises, Workaholism Declines

Why is it that in the depths of the Great Recession, with editorial cartoonists hit just as hard as other newspaperpeople, the only one who seems to draw on the subject from the point of view of the unemployed, is Ted Rall? I don't get it. Too much identification with the oppressor? Puzzling.  But whatever,Continue reading “As Unemployment Rises, Workaholism Declines”