Eating the Thomas Fire (sort of)

A little over a year ago the Thomas Fire, powered by the strongest Santa Ana winds in memory, roared through Upper Ojai on its way to surrounding all of Ojai, rampaging into Santa Barbara county, killing two people, destroying 1,000 structures, and burning over 200,000 acres of land. The fire visited our property on theContinue reading “Eating the Thomas Fire (sort of)”

The older you get, the more unemployed you are likely to be

Or, as Matty Iglesias puts it, perhaps (we can hope) overstating it: "There will be no recovery." The Pew Center, graphing census data for the visually oriented, appears to have the stats to back him up, at least for the long-term unemployed: In short — the older you get, the more unemployed you are likelyContinue reading “The older you get, the more unemployed you are likely to be”

The Millenials: An abused generation?

So argued economist Ed Leamer in a piece I wrote that the Reporter ran last week:  “I see a lot of kids who are really struggling, and it’s very troubling to me,” he said. “I think we’re looking at an abused generation. A lot of kids are graduating from college with a huge amount ofContinue reading “The Millenials: An abused generation?”

Delta earthquake risk serious, but not catastrophic: USGS

A soon-to-be-released report from the US Geological Survey finds the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta would be hit even harder by an earthquake than previously believed, but with winter rains, the Delta would also recover more quickly than was estimated in a state study just three years ago. This excellent story by Pat McBroom in The CaliforniaContinue reading “Delta earthquake risk serious, but not catastrophic: USGS”

Tracking Stimulus Funds in Ventura County

Here's my cover story on the stimulus package here and its work in Ventura County in the Reporter… "If you ask county administrator Sue Hughes how much money from the massive economic recovery bill, passed in Washington in February of this year, is going to Ventura County, she will direct you to the county website,Continue reading “Tracking Stimulus Funds in Ventura County”