Nakedness and freedom, by a playwright and a poet

Before he became a famous writer, while living at home and working a menial job under the thumb of his cruel father, Tennessee Williams dreamed of freedom. He wrote:  Now I’m back “home”. Which isn’t quite true. The world is my home. That is what I’ve just found out… but just the same I’ve gotContinue reading “Nakedness and freedom, by a playwright and a poet”

The Dog Keeps Coming Back in the Dream…

Late Self-Portrait by Rembrandt The dog, dead for years, keeps coming back in the dream. We look at each other there with the old joy. It was always her gift to bring me into the present— Which sleeps, changes, awakens, dresses, leaves. Happiness and unhappiness differ as a bucket hammered from gold differs from oneContinue reading “The Dog Keeps Coming Back in the Dream…”