The End of Progress — in Poetry as in Life

A couple of years ago the poet Tony Hoagland published (here) an essay about the allusive nature of most modern American poetry, in which narrative — storytelling — had fallen by the wayside. Hoagland wasn’t happy about that, but he understood why it had happened. He quoted the great Carolyn Forche: Our age lacks theContinue reading “The End of Progress — in Poetry as in Life”

The Dog Keeps Coming Back in the Dream…

Late Self-Portrait by Rembrandt The dog, dead for years, keeps coming back in the dream. We look at each other there with the old joy. It was always her gift to bring me into the present— Which sleeps, changes, awakens, dresses, leaves. Happiness and unhappiness differ as a bucket hammered from gold differs from oneContinue reading “The Dog Keeps Coming Back in the Dream…”