Edward Abbey encounters Los Angeles

Sort of. In his classic Desert Solitaire, Abbey recounts going to Southern California with some friends from the University of New Mexico. On the way they stopped to roll an old tire into the Grand Canyon. While so engaged, Abbey happened to hear a ranger describe a little-known branch off the main canyon called Havasu.Continue reading “Edward Abbey encounters Los Angeles”

Wilco (the show) (at the Wiltern)(on Tuesday 6/23)

Wilco has a new record out at the end of this month, called Wilco (the album) which includes Wilco (the song). In their show at the Wiltern Theater last night in Los Angeles, lead singer Jeff Tweedy aggressively hawked "the merch booth," and especially the "awesome program." Couldn't tell if he was being ironic orContinue reading “Wilco (the show) (at the Wiltern)(on Tuesday 6/23)”