Every song you’ve always wanted to hear covered (here)

Searching for a reliable guide to Neil Young covers, I stumble upon a wildly popular site that tracks all rock covers ever: Cover Me. For music fans, this is not to be missed. Are you unconvinced? You want an example? Okay, how about a wonderful Wilco cover of a great song by Neil Young inContinue reading “Every song you’ve always wanted to hear covered (here)”

Wilco (the show) (at the Wiltern)(on Tuesday 6/23)

Wilco has a new record out at the end of this month, called Wilco (the album) which includes Wilco (the song). In their show at the Wiltern Theater last night in Los Angeles, lead singer Jeff Tweedy aggressively hawked "the merch booth," and especially the "awesome program." Couldn't tell if he was being ironic orContinue reading “Wilco (the show) (at the Wiltern)(on Tuesday 6/23)”

Jay Bennett is in the stars now…

Sad news: Jay Bennett, who played with Jeff Tweedy in the band known as Wilco, died over the weekend. Although Wilco became a big rock band sometime between Being There and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, for many fans their high watermark remains the epochal Mermaid Avenue project. For this record, Woody Guthrie's daughter Nora asked WilcoContinue reading “Jay Bennett is in the stars now…”

Holiday for Rock Fans: Wilco Streams New Record

In response to an unauthorized release, Wilco does the generous thing and streams their new record — to be released at the end of next month — on their site. Sounds damn good, but you have to be tough to listen to it…"One Wing" might break your heart. "You and I" will touch it, forContinue reading “Holiday for Rock Fans: Wilco Streams New Record”