Bad and Good at the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times recently lost one of its best science reporters, Robert Lee Hotz, to The Wall Street Journal. For those of us in SoCal, it’s a shame: Hotz had been doing a first-rate job reporting on climate change issues, from places like Greenland, on the front page. Now he’s doing a first-rate jobContinue reading “Bad and Good at the LA Times”

Tax Carbon Now, Says LA Times

Despite being under tremendous pressure from their corporate overlords, the denizens of the LATimes continue to put out a remarkably good newspaper. Yesterday they ran the best editorial on reducing carbon emissions this reporter has ever seen, with a terrific lede: If you have kids, take them to the beach. They should enjoy it whileContinue reading “Tax Carbon Now, Says LA Times”

Bee News and Views

A couple of weeks ago, based on a small study (pdf) at Landau University in Germany, it was widely reported that cellphones were causing disorientation among bees and a collapse of bee colonies. The collapse of a high percentage of bee colonies around the country is real, but not unprecedented, and today–based on research rightContinue reading “Bee News and Views”