speeding wildfires and their dark beauty

Forty-six years ago  a young fire ecologist published a paper that for the first time found a math to usefully describe the behavior of wildfires in the west, as modified by slope and wind. It’s a remarkable achievement and was, according to Wildfire Today, a team effort led by a man named Dick Rothermel. Rothermel, Anderson,Continue reading “speeding wildfires and their dark beauty”

The Red Reef Trail

Plenty of climate change news today: John Kerry (who has run for President) and Newt Gingrich (who likely will) debated the issue live for two hours in D.C. Planet Gore-ites on the far right aren’t happy with Newt’s performance, so it must have gone well for Kerry, who for all his flaws as a candidate,Continue reading “The Red Reef Trail”