On Hypocritical Philandering Right-Wing Politicians

Such as Nevada senator John Ensign; well, I'm with Matt Taibbi.  [pic of the Senator with Miss Nevada USA for 2006, Tiffany, from 2006 Nevada Queens] He had an affair with a campaign aide, not Tiffany, but as Taibbi said: I am going to really enjoy the inevitable media fragging Senator John Ensign is goingContinue reading “On Hypocritical Philandering Right-Wing Politicians”

Why Can’t Agnostics Get Any Respect?

Most people lump atheists and agnostics together, which is just plain dumb, as simple-minded as lumping together Christians and Muslims, because they both believe in one God. Knowing there is no God and not knowing if there is a God are two completely different beliefs. Why is that so difficult for so many people toContinue reading “Why Can’t Agnostics Get Any Respect?”

Tom Friedman, Cut to Shreds

Matt Taibbi is the writer as slasher. When you finish with one of his pieces you feel a little light-headed, as you might feel if you were a tough guy, and had just rolled some local thug. But the thing is, in Taibbi's case, the thug (be it Bush, Palin, or Erica Jong) always seemsContinue reading “Tom Friedman, Cut to Shreds”