Weeping for What Does Not Matter

The long-winded but extra-smart Sharon Asytyk ruminates on the meaning of Michael Jackson's death: Michael Jackson is not Michael Jackson the pop star, or Michael Jackson the boy from the silly Jackson Five, or Michael Jackson the child abuser – he’s simply an empty space of fame into which we can pour our need forContinue reading “Weeping for What Does Not Matter”

Palin to Run on Oil Development Platform in 2012

Really. Outside of her flaming display of hurt feelings, it's about the only thing that makes any kind of sense in her resignation "statement" (if we are so generous as to characterize it in that way). (You'll have to ignore the eccentric capitalization and odd verb choices; clearly, Palin without a speechwriter is like BushContinue reading “Palin to Run on Oil Development Platform in 2012”