Scalia passing: Quail react (via Samantha Bee)

Samantha Bee has a new show on the television, called Full Frontal, about which I know nothing, but this post from her on the passing of Antonin Scalia from the perspective of quail in Texas is pretty hilarious. One example, from a bird labeled simply “Quail.” Quail “As a quail, I’m a firm believer inContinue reading “Scalia passing: Quail react (via Samantha Bee)”

Huge NextEra windfarm opens for business: Eagle dies

Can't resist a good picture of a threaened eagle: Turns out that in late January at a huge wind farm near Mojave operated by a company called NextEra, just a month after operations began, an eagle was found dead. U.S. Fish and Wildlife wasn't too happy about the project from the start, but Kern CountyContinue reading “Huge NextEra windfarm opens for business: Eagle dies”

If Barnes and Noble collapses, it’s the death of books

So argues Ted Rall, who knows a thing or two about media today and publishing: Borders and Barnes & Noble killed independent bookstores. Amazon killed Borders. Now Barnes & Noble, which sells more than 20 percent of pulp-and-ink books in the U.S., is under siege. If B&N collapses: the death of books. Cultural apocalypse. Neo-feudalism.Continue reading “If Barnes and Noble collapses, it’s the death of books”

The paradox of being hard yet soft: Tennessee Williams

In l942, Tennessee Williams, living in Greenwich Village, down to his last ten dollars, at work on a fragment of a play called The Paper Lantern, about a woman named Blanche, living on a plantation called Belle Reve…began to recover the vision he long had lost in his left eye. In his diary, on theContinue reading “The paradox of being hard yet soft: Tennessee Williams”

Weeping for What Does Not Matter

The long-winded but extra-smart Sharon Asytyk ruminates on the meaning of Michael Jackson's death: Michael Jackson is not Michael Jackson the pop star, or Michael Jackson the boy from the silly Jackson Five, or Michael Jackson the child abuser – he’s simply an empty space of fame into which we can pour our need forContinue reading “Weeping for What Does Not Matter”

Sex and Death, by Richard Avedon

With all due respect to Science Daily, Nature, the GRL, and countless other ultra-serious scientific journals, the most interesting thinking in the world of science journalism right now seems to be happening in blogs such as Bioephemera, which looks at the intersection of art and science. Here's an example, from the great photographer Richard Avedon,Continue reading “Sex and Death, by Richard Avedon”