Abolish the Lawn: Plant a Garden

Back in the l990’s, which seem more than ever like the good ol’ days, the great environmental writer Michael Pollan said we should Abolish the White House Lawn. Now he faces the most vexing aspect of greenhouse gas emissions — what’s in it for me? — head on. In The New York Times green issue,Continue reading “Abolish the Lawn: Plant a Garden”

America Has Not Enough Cuisine — And Too Much Food Science

So says Michael Pollan, in a fascinating interview with farmer and Gristian food journalist Tom Philpott. That’s the starting point, with much more insight to follow, including: I spent a lot of time looking at the science of nutrition, and learned pretty quickly there’s less there than meets the eye, and that the scientists reallyContinue reading “America Has Not Enough Cuisine — And Too Much Food Science”