California Drought, As Seen from Space

Via NASA's Terra satellite, which uses a MODIS Spectraradiometer to measure plant growth.   In the Central Valley, the drought is worst in the Westlands water district. Many in the area blame Congress for lack of water, and for the 70,000-80,000 farmworkers reported to be out of work. Interestingly, NASA talks about this in aContinue reading “California Drought, As Seen from Space”

Denier “Science”: How to Miss the Forest for the Trees

At the ever-entertaining Watts Up With That, well-known global warming skeptic Roger Pielke Sr. links to the following graph: In a challenge to a NASA/GRL study released last week that shows a sharp decline in Arctic sea ice coverage, Pielke Sr. writes: Since 2008, the anomalies have actually decreased. No, I'm not kidding! That's hisContinue reading “Denier “Science”: How to Miss the Forest for the Trees”

Arctic Ice Trends Sharply Downward: Few Notice or Care

It's frankly shocking to me how many people I encounter who still cling to the idea that the globe is not warming, despite vast scientific libraries of evidence to the contrary. Here's the latest example, from data compiled by NASA and ICESAT: For more, see NASA's story New NASA Satellite Survey Reveals Dramatic Arctic SeaContinue reading “Arctic Ice Trends Sharply Downward: Few Notice or Care”

Global Warming Satellite Crashes

Happened to be observing at Vandenberg Air Force base the launch of a satellite that scientists hoped would answer a huge question about global warming called the OCO, or Orbiting Carbon Observatory. Ten minutes after lift-off, those of us standing in a chilly field in the early morning heard the voices over the loudspeakers atContinue reading “Global Warming Satellite Crashes”

NASA Satellite Launch Goes Awry: Stolz Attacks Engineers

Yesterday morning at 1:55 a.m., NASA launched a satellite designed to precisely measure flows of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, called the Orbiting Carbon Observatory. Unfortunately the nosecone failed to open as the mission neared orbit, and the satellite crashed into the sea near Antarctica. Bad news for NASA — and the planet — butContinue reading “NASA Satellite Launch Goes Awry: Stolz Attacks Engineers”