SoCal is losing its cool (the clouds)

On the eve of a hellacious heat wave — up to 110 this weekend they say — here’s a new fact to contemplate about life in Southern California. We’re losing our cool. Physically, that is. We’re losing clouds and fog in summer over our heads, according to scientific studies and meteorological observations. Here’s the lead from aContinue reading “SoCal is losing its cool (the clouds)”

Denier “Science”: How to Miss the Forest for the Trees

At the ever-entertaining Watts Up With That, well-known global warming skeptic Roger Pielke Sr. links to the following graph: In a challenge to a NASA/GRL study released last week that shows a sharp decline in Arctic sea ice coverage, Pielke Sr. writes: Since 2008, the anomalies have actually decreased. No, I'm not kidding! That's hisContinue reading “Denier “Science”: How to Miss the Forest for the Trees”

Arctic Ice Trends Sharply Downward: Few Notice or Care

It's frankly shocking to me how many people I encounter who still cling to the idea that the globe is not warming, despite vast scientific libraries of evidence to the contrary. Here's the latest example, from data compiled by NASA and ICESAT: For more, see NASA's story New NASA Satellite Survey Reveals Dramatic Arctic SeaContinue reading “Arctic Ice Trends Sharply Downward: Few Notice or Care”