“It’s getting worse”: Alt-Right denies NASA data

Charlie Sykes, a popular and sane host of a right-wing talk show called Right Wisconsin, a man who declared his opposition to Trump early in the campaign, just penned an editorial in Politico that warns that the “Alt-Reality” media attack/denial machine will be “emboldened” by President-Elect Trump’s victory. As Trump slouched toward the nomination heContinue reading ““It’s getting worse”: Alt-Right denies NASA data”

Uncorking catastrophic climate change? Tom Toles

As usual, Tom Toles finds a funny way to dramatize a disaster: a methane explosion in Siberia.  Which raises the question: Well, how dangerous is the methane that is emerging from the Arctic? Is it just blowing holes in the permafrost, or does it presage global atmospheric doom? It's not a small volume of methane,Continue reading “Uncorking catastrophic climate change? Tom Toles”

Seasonal Forecaster: Cold winter for Eurasia, Northeast

In his talk at the American Meteorological Society convention Tuesday, Judah Cohen repeated a forecast made in December — that Eurasia and New England — will likely have a cold winter this year. He' laid it out the fundamentals of his new prediction idea about ten years ago in the Journal of Climate, although since then he's broughtContinue reading “Seasonal Forecaster: Cold winter for Eurasia, Northeast”

How to deny climate change with Antarctic sea ice record

A recent study, brilliantly explained in November by the Guardian, lays out the story of a slight but consistent rise in the extent of Antarctic sea ice. The mystery of the expansion of sea ice around Antarctica, at the same time as global warming is melting swaths of Arctic sea ice, has been solved using data from US military satellites. TwoContinue reading “How to deny climate change with Antarctic sea ice record”

Global Weirding: bizarre summer storm in the Arctic

Via Dot Earth, a fascinating discussion of a truly weird summer storm over the Arctic Ocean. Here's what it looks like from the NASA satellite Aqua, with Greenland's ice sheet at lower left:   Andrew Revkin points to the uncertainty about what this means for Arctic sea ice, but to me the expert William ChapmanContinue reading “Global Weirding: bizarre summer storm in the Arctic”

Whales, algae cross melting Arctic for first time in eons

First this year, in June, came the algae:  A single-celled alga that went extinct in the North Atlantic Ocean about 800,000 years ago has returned after drifting from the Pacific through the Arctic thanks to melting polar ice. And while its appearance marks the first trans-Arctic migration in modern times, scientists say it signals somethingContinue reading “Whales, algae cross melting Arctic for first time in eons”

Arctic ice not yet at point of no return, researchers say

Given the dramatic decline in summer ice coverage in the Arctic in recent years, some researchers have feared we are approaching the end of summer ice in the Arctic. But a new study, examining ancient driftwood found along the shores of Greenland, argues in Science that in fact it was much warmer 5000-8000 years ago.Continue reading “Arctic ice not yet at point of no return, researchers say”

Thin ice in the Arctic means cold winters back East?

Put perhaps as simply as possible, that's the speculation among some experts about the cold snowy winters experienced this year in many Northern hemisphere climates, such as New York. Here's the most concise, detailed explanation I've found so far, from Climate Central: Recent scientific studies have shown that the dramatic warming that has been occurringContinue reading “Thin ice in the Arctic means cold winters back East?”

Global warming unpredictability: two stories

Global warming is not for the simple-minded, two stories from the same day last week remind us. As the invaluable Andrew Revkin notes on Dot Earth on 6/15, this past May was the warmest on record. On the same day, from a polar science conference in Oslo, researcher James Overland of NOAA presents evidence toContinue reading “Global warming unpredictability: two stories”

Battle of the Headlines: “World’s Ocean Temps Warmest Ever Recorded” vs. “Arctic Sea Ice Is Again on the Rise”

The first headline for USA Today, atop veteran science writer Seth Borenstein's story for the AP, was inspired by world-wide records from the National Climactic Data Center. As the story said: WASHINGTON — The world's oceans this summer are the warmest on record. The National Climatic Data Center, the government agency that keeps weather records,Continue reading “Battle of the Headlines: “World’s Ocean Temps Warmest Ever Recorded” vs. “Arctic Sea Ice Is Again on the Rise””