Huge blizzard to hit NYC: Homer Simpson bent out of shape

Joe Romm of ThinkProgress points out that scientists believe that the finger of blame has already been pointed at climate change when it comes to the size of storms hitting the mid-Atlantic and New England coastal regions. Romm writes: "Another epic blizzard is bearing down on New England. There is a “big part” played byContinue reading “Huge blizzard to hit NYC: Homer Simpson bent out of shape”

“Every hurricane is a fluke” — Atmospheric scientist

"Every hurricane is a fluke, to some degree," said Adam Sobel, an atmospheric scientists at Columbia in New York, in a fascinating discussion around the question: Is New York becoming a hotspot for tropical cyclones? Short answer (from Will Oremus) is: No.  Here, via Wikipedia Commons, is an image of hurricane tracks in the Atlantic, 1851-2005. HowContinue reading ““Every hurricane is a fluke” — Atmospheric scientist”

Exciting trend in newspaper travel writing

The continuing devastation of newspapers (the Ventura County Star, for whom I write, is undergoing another reorganization) has had countless bad effects, but a few good ones.  Travel writing, which so often used to be focused on expensive resorts, hotels, and must-see tourist attractions, has found a new style — based on literature and characters. Continue reading “Exciting trend in newspaper travel writing”

Ralph Gets the Old “Fuck Ye” from Elizabeth Yet Again

Life in NYC, from the great Overheard in New York: Hispanic guy, noting hot chick passerby: Hey, baby.Hot chick: (rolls eyes)Hispanic guy: (takes off shirt and puts it on the ground for her to walk over)Hot chick, stopping: I'll give you some credit for that one…but fuck off. (continues walking)

Local Eating, Manhattan Style

The New Yorker‘s Adam Gopnik experiments, charmingly, with local eating in the five boroughs. His children star in the piece, which can be cloying, but they’re funny. Some of my compatriots at Grist complained bitterly about this piece, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here’s the core of his argument: There are powerful arguments against localism:Continue reading “Local Eating, Manhattan Style”