Huge blizzard to hit NYC: Homer Simpson bent out of shape

Joe Romm of ThinkProgress points out that scientists believe that the finger of blame has already been pointed at climate change when it comes to the size of storms hitting the mid-Atlantic and New England coastal regions. Romm writes: "Another epic blizzard is bearing down on New England. There is a “big part” played byContinue reading “Huge blizzard to hit NYC: Homer Simpson bent out of shape”

Climate Change: A Back-Burner Issue

According to Toles, maybe not: Much as I dislike giving credit to a fake enviro like Thomas Friedman for writing about the environment, his column yesterday effectively made some important points no other nationally syndicated columnist has dared put forth, at least that I know of. The column is called Mother Nature's Dow: Mother NatureContinue reading “Climate Change: A Back-Burner Issue”