American public exceptionally dumb: Ted Rall

The 'toon below from Ted Rall is factually accurate. It's a fact that the much-reviled mainstream media reported on the NSA spying on Americans long before Edward Snowden spoke up. (To give an example, back in 2012 James Bamford in Wired reported that "The NSA…has the ability to eavesdrop on phone calls directly and in realContinue reading “American public exceptionally dumb: Ted Rall”

NSA “to watch everybody all the time” on line

The great James Bamford writes another deeply sourced expose of the NSA, this time for Wired magazine, about an unbelieveably massive, costly, and unconstitutional National Security Agency spy center under construction in Utah (and a twin at Oak Ridge, Tennessee).  You won't see better journalism this year, and really should read the whole thing. Here'sContinue reading “NSA “to watch everybody all the time” on line”

If Murdoch is disgusting, what is the NSA?

Ted Rall points out that when it comes to spying, Rupert Murdoch is a piker: Not much of an exaggeration, unfortunately. It's old news that the NSA is monitoring your email. Heck at a recent launch of a satellite from Vandenberg AFB this year, I asked a public information officer how many satellites this yearContinue reading “If Murdoch is disgusting, what is the NSA?”