Huge climate march in NYC: “There is no Planet B.”

From the NYTimes: A Clarion Call for Action USAToday calls it the largest climate march ever. MSNBC said hundreds of thousands in NYC. To be followed by a mass demonstration at Wall Street tomorrow — now that should be interesting. Flood Wall Street. Bringing the experience so many people around the globe have lived throughContinue reading “Huge climate march in NYC: “There is no Planet B.””

Monster threatens NYC…and ozone layer

Speaking of attacks on Gotham…tonight's thunderstorm.  From NYC photographer Inga Sarda-Sorenson. Meanwhile, a new study from James Anderson and associates at Harvard unexpectedly finds that this sort of huge thunderstorm could damage the ozone layer, allowing more ultraviolet light to reach the earth. From the Christian Science Monitor: The study by Dr. Anderson's team isContinue reading “Monster threatens NYC…and ozone layer”

The Sloshy, Scary Future of New York City

Robert Lee Hotz has been writing about science for thirty years for various American newspapers, has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twice and won it once, and these days works for the Wall Street Journal. He writes big, thoughtful pieces about cutting-edge science. This is good, but it means he doesn't publish often, soContinue reading “The Sloshy, Scary Future of New York City”