Avoiding over-reaction by any means necessary: NYTimes

Evidently the media adults in the room — excluding The Weather Channel – are going out of their way to underplay the big winter storm hitting the East Coast this weekend. The Times and the Post are not putting it on top of the front page and are avoiding calling it by TWC's name. Meteorological services too are emphasizingContinue reading “Avoiding over-reaction by any means necessary: NYTimes”

The Sloshy, Scary Future of New York City

Robert Lee Hotz has been writing about science for thirty years for various American newspapers, has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twice and won it once, and these days works for the Wall Street Journal. He writes big, thoughtful pieces about cutting-edge science. This is good, but it means he doesn't publish often, soContinue reading “The Sloshy, Scary Future of New York City”