Nerve gas for Ventura County, thanks to the Trump EPA

As Lily Tomlin has pointed out, “No matter how cynical you become, you can’t keep up.” Especially in these days of Donald Trump. Last week (was it only last week?) a meticulously┬ásourced story in the New York Times by Eric Lipton (Why Has the EPA shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Calls the Shots)Continue reading “Nerve gas for Ventura County, thanks to the Trump EPA”

Sometimes a picture (of a dancer) is enough

When I was growing up in Mill Valley, California, our local record shop — the late great Village Music — had a prominent bin of miscellaneous and often odd (but spectacular-looking) LPs entitled simply: "Sometimes a cover is enough." And such is the case today. The story on this remarkable young "jookin" dancer who goesContinue reading “Sometimes a picture (of a dancer) is enough”

The lull in the rise of global temperatures: NYTimes

Justin Gillis for the NYTimes writes definitively on "the lull" in the rate of increase of global temperatures. It's confident writing that coolly savors the ironies of the crisis, even as it depicts the news with jaw-dropping facts. Speaking of the leveling out of global mean temperatures in the last fifteen years, he writes:  What toContinue reading “The lull in the rise of global temperatures: NYTimes”