Nerve gas for Ventura County, thanks to the Trump EPA

As Lily Tomlin has pointed out, “No matter how cynical you become, you can’t keep up.” Especially in these days of Donald Trump. Last week (was it only last week?) a meticulously sourced story in the New York Times by Eric Lipton (Why Has the EPA shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Calls the Shots)Continue reading “Nerve gas for Ventura County, thanks to the Trump EPA”

The hazardous truth: Santa Clara Waste Water

My old friends at the Ventura County Reporter ran my latest obsession/story, which I’ve been working on for the last six months or so, off and on, and did a nice job with the lay-out, may I say. Here’s the crux of the matter: What really happened when Santa Clara Waste Water (in Santa Paula area)Continue reading “The hazardous truth: Santa Clara Waste Water”

Scenes from an explosion: Santa Clara Waste Water exec admits falsifying records

In the wake of the tanker truck explosion that set the Santa Clara Waste Water plant near Santa Paula on fire last November, causing a multi-million dollar disaster, not to mention many serious injuries, the Ventura County District Attorney presented 67 witnesses to the Grand Jury in building a massive case against SCWW. After theContinue reading “Scenes from an explosion: Santa Clara Waste Water exec admits falsifying records”

Chamber of Commerce: CO2 regs too costly to economy

"Stop the EPA from hijacking the economy!" So says the US Chamber of Commerce, and claims that the Obama administration's rules on power emissions will cost $50 billion.  Jim Morin sees it differently. After all, the Sandy clean-up alone cost US taxpayers $100 billion, according to those wild-haired radicals at USA Today.  

New climate regs just like Obamacare (or not)

The Obama administration takes a stand on carbon pollution, and calls for a 30% cut in power plant emissions by 2030. For environmentalists, this is heartening news, but what does it mean politically? To Science, the "give states choices" method sounds a lot like Obamacare: That more complex approach makes the new rules somewhat similarContinue reading “New climate regs just like Obamacare (or not)”

Prominent Republicans call for climate action now

Here's some news you won't see on FOX News: Four former EPA chiefs, all Republicans, back President Obama's climate action plan, and call for even stronger action, immediately: Each of us took turns over the past 43 years running the Environmental Protection Agency. We served Republican presidents, but we have a message that transcends political affiliation:Continue reading “Prominent Republicans call for climate action now”

EPA appoints chem co rep to regulatory position

From the Chicago Tribune:  As a lawyer and scientist for one of the world's largest makers of flame retardants, Todd Stedeford vigorously defended chemicals added to scores of household products — often by concluding the substances are far less dangerous than academic and government studies have determined. Studies, legal newsletters and letters he wrote orContinue reading “EPA appoints chem co rep to regulatory position”

The heroism of the lonely PhD

Deep in a magnificent USA Today team investigation last week was hidden a revelation: How a PhD doctoral candidate doing historical research discovered — and publicized — a massive threat to public health. From Ghost Factories: In April 2001, environmental scientist William Eckel published a research article in the American Journal of Public Health warning aboutContinue reading “The heroism of the lonely PhD”

Michigan Congressman attacks EPA, ignores constituents

Fred Upton, the newly-named chairman of the House Commerce and Energy Committee, was once a moderate Republican on climate issues. He supported measures to reduce the risk of global warming. But after receiving a $20,000 donation from the climate-change-denying-fossil-fuel-billionaire Koch brothers, Upton now wants to strip the EPA of its Supreme Court-mandated power to regulateContinue reading “Michigan Congressman attacks EPA, ignores constituents”

Climate bill in trouble — should enviros care?

According to TPM, the lone Republican Senator actively supporting a climate change/energy bill, Lindsey Graham, pulled his support for the bill because the Democrats have decided to go ahead with immigration reform first.  Graham, who has unquestionably put his status as a conservative at risk, sounds genuinely angry in a letter obtained by the website :  MovingContinue reading “Climate bill in trouble — should enviros care?”