The darkness of our time

Last year at the Ojai Foundation, Joanna Macy in a talk explored an idea that at a glance seems so simple — obvi, if you will — but which has nonetheless refused to leave my mind. The darkness of our time squeezes us into an awareness of our love for the world.  It's tempting toContinue reading “The darkness of our time”

Gifts of Uncertainty: Joanna Macy Sees Our Present Moment

The Ojai Foundation, a beautiful place for spiritual seekers, this week inaugurated a "great teacher series" by bringing deep ecologist and Buddhist Joanna Macy in to lead a workshop and give a talk. A truly inspiring talk it was, and I don't write such words often, being a bit of a skeptic about gurus andContinue reading “Gifts of Uncertainty: Joanna Macy Sees Our Present Moment”