How to confuse the media and public: Butter ’em up

A few months ago the rapturous reporting of a new study on saturated fat caught my eye. Sounded too good to be true, and, well, long story short, that's exactly what it turned out to be. Here's the opening, from the USC Annenberg/California Endowment's Reporting on Health site: Time to jump on the bandwagon ofContinue reading “How to confuse the media and public: Butter ’em up”

Best time to hike in the Sierra

For the underemployed — now. Right after Labor Day. The kids have gone back to school, the Austrians have gone home, the drones have returned to their cubicles — the trails are yours, if you so choose.  Here's a new loop I'm checking out, starting Tuesday, featuring Deadman's Canyon, which I have heard from reliableContinue reading “Best time to hike in the Sierra”

The darkness of our time

Last year at the Ojai Foundation, Joanna Macy in a talk explored an idea that at a glance seems so simple — obvi, if you will — but which has nonetheless refused to leave my mind. The darkness of our time squeezes us into an awareness of our love for the world.  It's tempting toContinue reading “The darkness of our time”

“Information Wants to be Free”…

Apparently at the first Hackers' Convention, way back in l984, Stewart Brand declared that "Information wants to be free." It's a great phrase, unless you are a writer, a musician, an artist, or another "content provider," in which case the phrase is a ticket to poverty. The correct translation is, I believe, "people are freakingContinue reading ““Information Wants to be Free”…”