The natural art of the High Sierra: James McGrew

Yosemite Blog, as a sort of note to encourage us all to apply for the High Sierra Camp lottery, features the young artist/wilderness guide James McGrew, who has been going to these inexhaustible mountains since the age of four, and seems to have gained a pretty good understanding, as seen in his painting: This depictsContinue reading “The natural art of the High Sierra: James McGrew”

The art of John Lennon

For this day, a marvelous Tom Ashbrook interview with the warm and thoughtful Tom Riley, who has written this year's definite biography of John. Riley notes:  Beyond his music, Lennon’s talent as a cartoonist, illustrator, lithographer, and collage artist influenced every aspect of his work. His songs carve out richly textured spaces of sound, whichContinue reading “The art of John Lennon”

The frustration of the long-term unemployed: The Onion

From the Pew Research Center [pdf link], the General Accounting Office [pdf link] and the Washington Post, the hard news about older unemployed people:  Bad news…55 to 64-year-olds have fared worst in the recession than any other demographic.  But from The Onion, the same kind of news — Matt Millen on TV simply too muchContinue reading “The frustration of the long-term unemployed: The Onion”

Gladwell: Owning an NBA team like owning a Van Gogh

From a fascinating new longform site devoted mostly to sports, Grantland, the famous analyst and writer Malcolm Gladwell argues:  Pro sports teams are a lot like works of art. Forbes magazine annually estimates the value of every professional franchise, based on standard financial metrics like operating expenses, ticket sales, revenue, and physical assets like stadiums.Continue reading “Gladwell: Owning an NBA team like owning a Van Gogh”

How to remember: A poet’s theory

In Patti Smith's wonderful memoir, Just Kids, she is forever referring to the constellation of objects she and her dearest friend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, found and gathered and treasured together. She writes of a day early in their relationship: One Indian summer day we dressed in our favorite things, me in my beatnik sandals andContinue reading “How to remember: A poet’s theory”

The Pathos of Global Warming

So many artists have taken on the issue of global warming, and so few have surpassed the real images we all know (calving ice banks, storm surges, and so on). Perhaps that's the way it should be, or perhaps it represents a failure of our species' imagination. But Bioephemeraa found a young Japanese artist, KawanoContinue reading “The Pathos of Global Warming”