Reporter: In defense of the gotcha question

Somebody had to defend the much-despised "gotcha" question.  Ron Fournier, veteran reporter, digs into the legend and finds all kinds of juicy examples. Writes it up with great depth and precision.  For example, where did the phrase "gotcha" come from? Fournier agrees with another reporter, and suggests that Bill Clinton might have introduced it intoContinue reading “Reporter: In defense of the gotcha question”

Will Ventura County’s Prez-picking streak continue?

Ventura County is one of just eight counties around the country that has picked every winner of the Presidential contest since Warren Harding successfully (with one exception — l976). Timm Herdt, the reigning political writer in this parts, hints that the streak may continue:  In early 2008, Democrats overtook Republicans to gain a plurality amongContinue reading “Will Ventura County’s Prez-picking streak continue?”

Global warming is driving Rick Santorum crazy

Following Rick Santorum on the campaign trail for Slate, Dave Weigel declares that Santorum is "really swinging for the fences on global warming denial." Weigel thinks that's smart in Michigan, and maybe that's true in a purely political GOP primary, but still…he's sounding strange. And the strangeness seems to be escalating:  We're not here toContinue reading “Global warming is driving Rick Santorum crazy”