Blame the media: the national political sport

Sarah does it — blame the media — although her attacks have become so reflexive and removed from reality  that the insults have lost their sting, methinks: Hey Gobsmacked Lamestream Media Bernie does it: And I think if we had a media in this country that was really prepared to look at what the Republicans actually stoodContinue reading “Blame the media: the national political sport”

Reporter: In defense of the gotcha question

Somebody had to defend the much-despised "gotcha" question.  Ron Fournier, veteran reporter, digs into the legend and finds all kinds of juicy examples. Writes it up with great depth and precision.  For example, where did the phrase "gotcha" come from? Fournier agrees with another reporter, and suggests that Bill Clinton might have introduced it intoContinue reading “Reporter: In defense of the gotcha question”

How to confuse the media and public: Butter ’em up

A few months ago the rapturous reporting of a new study on saturated fat caught my eye. Sounded too good to be true, and, well, long story short, that's exactly what it turned out to be. Here's the opening, from the USC Annenberg/California Endowment's Reporting on Health site: Time to jump on the bandwagon ofContinue reading “How to confuse the media and public: Butter ’em up”

Polar Vortex images (from first week of 2013)

A number of publications last week published compendiums of amazing images from the polar vortex's drunken stagger, in Chris Mooney's wonderful story, across nearly all the nation save drought-stricken CA. Frozen lakes, waterfalls, etc. Here's NASA's GOES satellite picture: Fine. But what about the vortex of public reaction? Tom Toles sketches that one:

Al Gore calls out media on Arctic ice: Editorials follow

Last week Al Gore called out the media for failing to cover the shocking decline in Arctic ice this summer, and made the point that our democracy itself is in peril when enormous stories go unreported because they might be unpalatable or difficult for the right:  The whole North polar ice cap is disappearing in Continue reading “Al Gore calls out media on Arctic ice: Editorials follow”

Climate: If it’s not a crisis, newspapers can’t be bothered

Talked to my mom last night, and mentioned to her that the Midwest is experiencing a heat wave the likes of which no one alive has ever really seen.  The experts have been floored for a week. It's "unprecedented." Thousands of records broken.   Jeff Masters' weather historian: "It's almost like science fiction –" BillContinue reading “Climate: If it’s not a crisis, newspapers can’t be bothered”

A Scientist Offers a Positive Vision for Emissions Reduction

At the most recent meeting of the American Meteorological Society, the distinguished Warren Washington presented a paper by a team of scientists called Climate Change Projections for the Twenty-First Century and Climate Change Commitment in the CCSM3, which is about projecting our future climate with general circulation (computer) models. The news is not good, unsurprisingly,Continue reading “A Scientist Offers a Positive Vision for Emissions Reduction”