What does the GOP really want in the budget showdown?

According to TPM, the sticking point in the budget stalemate is not a number of billions cut from the overall budget, but funding for family planning, not to mention preventing the EPA and other agencies from protecting the nation's natural health.  According to OMB Watch, the GOP has attached riders restricting everything from funding of WhiteContinue reading “What does the GOP really want in the budget showdown?”

Big Chicken Equals Chesapeake Pollution

A memorable totem pole from the great Steve Brodner: Based on a Frontline documentary called Poisoned Waters. At a panel in the Festival of Books in Los Angeles over the weekend, Sharon Waxman, a NYTimes reporter now with The Wrap, made the interesting point that a lot of the best investigative reporting these days isContinue reading “Big Chicken Equals Chesapeake Pollution”