Big Chicken Equals Chesapeake Pollution

A memorable totem pole from the great Steve Brodner: Based on a Frontline documentary called Poisoned Waters. At a panel in the Festival of Books in Los Angeles over the weekend, Sharon Waxman, a NYTimes reporter now with The Wrap, made the interesting point that a lot of the best investigative reporting these days isContinue reading “Big Chicken Equals Chesapeake Pollution”

Let America Be America Again

From artist Steve Brodner's wonderful blog…by which I mean both the art and the poem by Langston Hughes he quotes… Lincoln said, “We must disenthrall Ourselves  and then we shall save our country.” Meaning, snap to, pay attention Lest you lose your moment to act. But of all the days of my life This mightContinue reading “Let America Be America Again”

George Will: GOP the Most Leftist Administration in History

George Will, the alleged intellectual who still questions the science of global warming, also questions the need for a bailout, arguing, essentially, that it’s socialism with a conservative face. (Or as David Brooks calls it, progressive capitalism.) Will appears so ticked he can’t even bear to mention the name of George Bush, whom he hasContinue reading “George Will: GOP the Most Leftist Administration in History”