Why did Valero invest $5 million in Prop 23?

As part of a story I wrote a couple of weeks back on Prop 23, I looked briefly at the story from the perspective of Valero, the Texas oil company that has poured millions — five million, to be precise — into the initiative, which is intended to gut AB 32, California's Global Warming SolutionsContinue reading “Why did Valero invest $5 million in Prop 23?”

The truth about Prop 23: get it now!

Before it's too late (latest polls look bad for the prop). My story in the VC Reporter: The money quote, from Fran Pavley, who authored AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, the legislation signed into law in California in 2006:  “It’s not just that these oil companies are trying to protect their bottom line,”Continue reading “The truth about Prop 23: get it now!”