Woody Guthrie: the raw, sexy American spirit

Nice piece from Randy Lewis on a new collection of Woody Guthrie material from the Smithsonian, released on his 100th birthday (today). Makes a strong argument that Woody's radicalism began in L.A., where he wrote one of his first and greatest folk songs ("Deportee").  Also includes a wonderful quote from John Steinbeck, who in aContinue reading “Woody Guthrie: the raw, sexy American spirit”

The master of raw life: Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud, the greatest painter of our times, has passed on. In a profile of him in The Guardian a few years back, a writer compared him to the old masters, the likes of Titian or Velázquez, and noted: The sensuality of Freud is of chilly underheated studios, dirty rags, London.  Exactly so. And thatContinue reading “The master of raw life: Lucian Freud”