The natural art of the High Sierra: James McGrew

Yosemite Blog, as a sort of note to encourage us all to apply for the High Sierra Camp lottery, features the young artist/wilderness guide James McGrew, who has been going to these inexhaustible mountains since the age of four, and seems to have gained a pretty good understanding, as seen in his painting: This depictsContinue reading “The natural art of the High Sierra: James McGrew”

California’s “golden gulag” — prison thru a painter’s eye

Here's a great story on KCET's arts blog, about an exhibition at UC Riverside called Geographies of Detention. Title sounds heavily academic, but the paintings serve what may be art's highest purpose — to tell hard truths with sly beauty, as in this painting of Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, by Sandow Birk.  WritesContinue reading “California’s “golden gulag” — prison thru a painter’s eye”

The master of raw life: Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud, the greatest painter of our times, has passed on. In a profile of him in The Guardian a few years back, a writer compared him to the old masters, the likes of Titian or Velázquez, and noted: The sensuality of Freud is of chilly underheated studios, dirty rags, London.  Exactly so. And thatContinue reading “The master of raw life: Lucian Freud”

How we see the world today — through the windshield

Does this look like a photograph? It's not…it's a painting by Gregory Thielker, who this year completed a series of phenomenally accomplished from-the-front-seat paintings called Under the unminding sky. Thielker writes: These paintings beame a way to explore how driving in weather shifts and changes the views outside the car as well how the drivingContinue reading “How we see the world today — through the windshield”