“This most unusual career”: Vaclav Havel

This has been a tumultuous year, and it continues with the loss of one of world's greatest civilians, Vaclav Havel. I miss him already. For me this is perhaps his most essential quote:  …you do not become a "dissident" just because one day you decide to take up this most unusual career. Your are thrownContinue reading ““This most unusual career”: Vaclav Havel”

Denier claims Russian heat wave “random numbers”

According to the Russian Meterological Center, the heat wave and forest fires afflicting that nation are the worst seen in at least a thousand years. Russia has recently seen the longest unprecedented heat wave for at least one thousand years, the head of the Russian Meteorological Center said on Monday…. “We have an ‘archive’ ofContinue reading “Denier claims Russian heat wave “random numbers””

Alaskan Editor on Sarah Palin: “Woefully Unqualified”

Steve Lopez, who has a movie coming out this Christmas called The Soloist, is probably the most popular and best-paid columnist in Los Angeles. He’s popular for good reason. He takes on tough issues, including homelessness, illegal immigration, and school bureaucracy, but with bracing good humor. This weekend he went to Nome, Alaska, to testContinue reading “Alaskan Editor on Sarah Palin: “Woefully Unqualified””