The silence of the deniers: Toles

Besides being the best political cartoonist on the subject of climate and the environment, and actually funny as well, Tom Toles publishes almost as many sketches as he does full-fledged cartoons, plus he has a fiery but smart blog in the Washington Post which he often talks about, yes, climate. As in today’s The SoundContinue reading “The silence of the deniers: Toles”

Killer heat wave breaks Dust Bowl-era records

It's "folly" to blame the killer heat wave blanketing the eastern United States under misery on global warming, says climate change denier Anthony Watts, because, after all, the entire globe isn't suffering a heat wave. No, seriously: The is weather, not climate. It is caused by a persistent blocking high pressure pattern. In a day orContinue reading “Killer heat wave breaks Dust Bowl-era records”

Denier claims Russian heat wave “random numbers”

According to the Russian Meterological Center, the heat wave and forest fires afflicting that nation are the worst seen in at least a thousand years. Russia has recently seen the longest unprecedented heat wave for at least one thousand years, the head of the Russian Meteorological Center said on Monday…. “We have an ‘archive’ ofContinue reading “Denier claims Russian heat wave “random numbers””

Scientist challenges denier: denier threatens suit

In a column this past week, George Monbiot pointed to a meticulously detailed take-down of the English Vicount Monckton's scattered attack on climate change science by an American professor specializing in heat transfer named John Abraham. Abraham went through a presentation by Monckton and surgically took it apart, point by point. It's a devastatingly convincingContinue reading “Scientist challenges denier: denier threatens suit”

On “Climategate”

Those who refuse to believe in climate change have ginned up the so-called Climategate scandal to obfuscate the inescapable reality of global warming; for more, see David Roberts at Grist, or RealClimate, or (my favorite), a letter writer to Andrew Sullivan (below).  In a recent post, you get to the true insanity of the wholeContinue reading “On “Climategate””

George Will Misleads on Global Warming Again, Slapped on Wrist

This Sunday George Will,who is supposedly a serious thinker and not just a right-wing partisan, wrote his second Sunday column in a row about global warming. Just as he had the Sunday before, based on a septic Daily Tech item, he claimed that a) there has been no global warming since l997-l998, and b) globalContinue reading “George Will Misleads on Global Warming Again, Slapped on Wrist”