The Eroticism of the Sierra Nevada Salamander

Having spent much of the last month in the mountains, forgive me for putting up a few "timeless" posts, as we used to say in the newspaper biz, instead of on what happened yesterday. On my latest journey into the Southern Sierra, I took along a wonderful book called Sierra Nevada: The Naturalist's Companion. BeingContinue reading “The Eroticism of the Sierra Nevada Salamander”

Sex is the Environment (sez Wallace Shawn)

Wallace Shawn, as Wikipedia notes, is considered by the world to be a comic actor. But read the essays of Wallace Shawn (son of the famous New Yorker editor), or see his plays, and you will quickly realize that this man, ordinary looking though he may be is, is as he was described in ManhattanContinue reading “Sex is the Environment (sez Wallace Shawn)”

Sex and Death, by Richard Avedon

With all due respect to Science Daily, Nature, the GRL, and countless other ultra-serious scientific journals, the most interesting thinking in the world of science journalism right now seems to be happening in blogs such as Bioephemera, which looks at the intersection of art and science. Here's an example, from the great photographer Richard Avedon,Continue reading “Sex and Death, by Richard Avedon”