50 Shades of love and sex/Valentine’s Day 2013

From my cover story in this week's Ventura County Reporter:      Since the genetic basis of our species, Homo Sapiens, stabilized approximately 100,000 years ago, the reproductive nature of the human body has not substantially changed. But in the last few years, human sexual experience has substantially changed, especially among the adventurous. For Valentine’s Day, andContinue reading “50 Shades of love and sex/Valentine’s Day 2013”

Sex and dating: Women no different than men?

An op-ed in last Sunday's New York Times challenged the idea that physiology and evolutionary psychology can explain the differences between men and women. Author Dan Slater took on three of the most prominent "differences" between the sexual behavior of men and women, beginning with promiscuity:  Take the question of promiscuity. Everyone has always assumed — andContinue reading “Sex and dating: Women no different than men?”

The sexiness of a stupid woman, according to science

In Slate, a science reporter specializing in sex, Jesse Bering, reports on a new study that finds that women who look drunk and/or stupid are especially attractive to straight men.   The study has problems — for one, a lack of a good control sample. For another, the hypothesis (that men find women who appearContinue reading “The sexiness of a stupid woman, according to science”

Sex, drugs, and divorce: Three trend stories from 9/2011

Despite the well-publicized woes of the media, the US press still produces some great stories. Here are three great trend stories from just this week: Sex and Obesity: An intimate report from the front lines on NPR Birdnesting: A way around custody battles, in the Ventura County Star Overdose deaths from prescription drugs surpass trafficContinue reading “Sex, drugs, and divorce: Three trend stories from 9/2011”

Hurricane Irene disappoints jaded New Yorkers

In the aftermath of the hurricane, came complaints about hype: Was Hurricane Irene a disappointment?  Media analyst Howard Kurtz says yes. After all, Irene wasn't even a hurricane when it made landfall in NYC. Other New Yorkers are equally dismissive: A NYC gossip site called Irene The Sudden Sex Celebrity without Much Bang. Scallywag wrote: Continue reading “Hurricane Irene disappoints jaded New Yorkers”

Tennessee Williams: Sex positive activist

Although considered politically naive by some, Tennessee Williams did know how to make a scene. Especially when it came to love.  If you want the unbuttoned Tennessee Williams, you have to read Dotson Rader's entertaining Cry of the Heart. It's a wonderfully breezy and entertaining book about the mature Tennessee Williams, but even better, it's a sortContinue reading “Tennessee Williams: Sex positive activist”

The “peculiar, newsworthy,” Republican style of illicit sex

The New York Times has many famous columnists, and one funny one: Gail Collins. Which brings us to sex. What is it with Republicans lately? Is there something about being a leader of the family-values party that makes you want to go out and commit adultery? They certainly don’t have a lock on the infidelityContinue reading “The “peculiar, newsworthy,” Republican style of illicit sex”

The sexiness of plants (or not)

From the rarely-so-thoughtful-but-often-fun Overheard in New York: So Yada Yada Yada, We Spent the Night in the E.R. Twin sister #1, indignantly: I tried to get him the least sexual plant I could find. I mean, a cactus, how much less sexual could you get? Twin sister #2, thoughtfully: You really can't get any lessContinue reading “The sexiness of plants (or not)”

The Worst Sexual Double Standard in Politics Today

Meghan McCain speaks out against the Puritanism of the GOP today, in a post for The Daily Beast called The GOP Is Clueless About Sex: Perhaps the worst sexual double standard in politics right now is that too many subconsciously believe Republican women are void of sexual desire altogether. Good point, Meghan. One wonders: HowContinue reading “The Worst Sexual Double Standard in Politics Today”