What it looks like when a big atmospheric river hits CA

When an atmospheric river reaches California it's often a beautiful sight, especially in an infrared image drawm from NASA's AIRS satellite, explored in depth in this backgrounder from the Sacramento Bee:  The exciting part is that — according to Duane Waliser, a lead scientist at the NASA-backed Jet Propulsion Lab — five-day forecasts of these "PineappleContinue reading “What it looks like when a big atmospheric river hits CA”

Again Falls This Quiet Persistent Rain…

According to the National Weather Service, this huge storm that hit California last night was the biggest precip to reach the state at this time of year in forty years (sorry, I can't reference that, because I can't find/remember where I read it). Hit central CA harder than us in SoCal, but boy was itContinue reading “Again Falls This Quiet Persistent Rain…”