Atmospheric River to hit Bay Area, maybe SoCal

Eric Holthaus, a journalist/meteorologist for Slate, fills us in on the good news of an atmospheric river hitting California this week.  This week’s storm will usher in an atmospheric river event, also known as the “pineapple express,” peaking late Wednesday and Thursday. The National Weather Service office in the Bay Area has predicted “the strongest stormContinue reading “Atmospheric River to hit Bay Area, maybe SoCal”

What it takes to move an atmospheric river: two images

Deborah Byrd, of the ever-changing EarthSky radio program and science site, posts a wonderful animation of what the current storm hitting California looks like from moderately high pressure.  Technical difficulties with the gif force me to post a still from the animation, but still you can see the rotation of the winds up against theContinue reading “What it takes to move an atmospheric river: two images”

What it looks like when a big atmospheric river hits CA

When an atmospheric river reaches California it's often a beautiful sight, especially in an infrared image drawm from NASA's AIRS satellite, explored in depth in this backgrounder from the Sacramento Bee:  The exciting part is that — according to Duane Waliser, a lead scientist at the NASA-backed Jet Propulsion Lab — five-day forecasts of these "PineappleContinue reading “What it looks like when a big atmospheric river hits CA”

Atmospheric River press conference at AGU 2012

This press conference at the AGU (American Geophysical Union's fall meeting) this year is brilliantly timed, coming just two years after a series of big AR storms surprised Southern California, and a week or so after one hit Northern California.  Improving forecasts of “Pineapple Expresses”Monday, 3 December1:30 p.m. NOAA scientists and colleagues are installing theContinue reading “Atmospheric River press conference at AGU 2012”

NorCal preps for promised ARKstorm: 12 Inches?

CA has had no significant extreme weather since December 2010, when a series of atmospheric rivers took an unexpected tour fhrough Southern California. Both the precipitation totals and the graphics for "ARKstorms" are jaw-dropping. In 2011, the USGS issued a massive report on an ARKstorm that left the entire Central Valley approximately six inches deep in water, forcedContinue reading “NorCal preps for promised ARKstorm: 12 Inches?”