Andrew Revkin: on climate change in a post-media world

Covered a talk by the dean of climate reporters, Andrew Revkin, last week at UCSB, for the Santa Barbara Independent. In part because he got so sick of "the yelling" around climate, a couple of years ago Revkin gave up traditional reporting to teach at Pace University, and to run the great Dot Earth blogContinue reading “Andrew Revkin: on climate change in a post-media world”

How to prevent the Sixth Extinction

39% of species alive today, according to an assessment by an international group of conservation scientists, face annihilation in the Sixth Extinction. That's total destruction of these species this century. In effect, we are our own [killer] asteroid.  To prevent this planetary disaster, Ted Rall has an idea: Incidentally, his description of the Nagoya ProtocolContinue reading “How to prevent the Sixth Extinction”