Andrew Revkin: on climate change in a post-media world

Covered a talk by the dean of climate reporters, Andrew Revkin, last week at UCSB, for the Santa Barbara Independent. In part because he got so sick of "the yelling" around climate, a couple of years ago Revkin gave up traditional reporting to teach at Pace University, and to run the great Dot Earth blogContinue reading “Andrew Revkin: on climate change in a post-media world”

Dean of Climate Reporters Retires From Daily Coverage

Andrew Revkin, a superb reporter and a wonderful guy, is retiring from covering the climate on a regular basis. He's taking a buy-out from The New York Times. That's the bad news. The good news is that he will continue to maintain his first-rate global sustainability blog, Dot Earth, and write books as well. AsContinue reading “Dean of Climate Reporters Retires From Daily Coverage”

A Few Good Posts

The Sad Guardian of the Carrizo Plain (8/20/05) Sorry, Mr. Sullivan. Sorry, Mr. Kennedy (8/30/05) Land of a Billion Bonus Points (10/4/05) If John Lennon Were Still Here…  (12/9/05) Bush A "Dissenter" on Global Warming (2/19/06) The Future Taps Us on the Shoulder (3/16/06) "My Life is My Message" (4/29/06) Global Warming: #2 on theContinue reading “A Few Good Posts”