Fear of (wild) water: is it necessary to filter?

In February a brave writer in Slate published a column arguing that wild water is much over-feared, and that (with reasonable care) hikers in the mountains in places such as the Pacific Northwest need not reflexively filter or treat wild water taken from streams and lakes. To wit: To be clear, there’s no question that Giardia lamblia, CryptosporidiumContinue reading “Fear of (wild) water: is it necessary to filter?”

On the trail of a grizzly killing

Kids today pay more attention to Slate than most newspapers, and stories like Jessica Grose's A Death in Yellowstone make it clear why.  Here's one quote, but you really can't sum it up in a 'graph or two.  Peacock doesn’t believe there’s such a thing as natural or unnatural behavior when it comes to grizzlies, atContinue reading “On the trail of a grizzly killing”