Fear of (wild) water: is it necessary to filter?

In February a brave writer in Slate published a column arguing that wild water is much over-feared, and that (with reasonable care) hikers in the mountains in places such as the Pacific Northwest need not reflexively filter or treat wild water taken from streams and lakes. To wit: To be clear, there’s no question that Giardia lamblia, CryptosporidiumContinue reading “Fear of (wild) water: is it necessary to filter?”

Sierra Water: It’s Cleaner Than You Think

That's according to an ER doc and professor at UC Davis named Robert Derlet, who has been testing water at the most popular Sierra wilderness sites for years for the Wilderness Medicine Society. Here's a study on the subject he authored a few years ago for the WMS, and here's a terrific story about hisContinue reading “Sierra Water: It’s Cleaner Than You Think”