Obama takes responsibility for Keystone XL: Why?

Maybe Obama isn't as calculating as he sometimes appears.  Or maybe he's fighting for his political life.  This impressive story by a reporter for Huffpo relates how the Keystone pipleline became a trainwreck inside the administration after the State department screwed up the environmental review. Hillary Clinton's State Department has now spent more than threeContinue reading “Obama takes responsibility for Keystone XL: Why?”

Why deniers cling to the “global cooling” myth: a theory

At Boing Boing, Maggie Koerth-Baker does an excellent job of retelling the myth that global climate change deniers adore. That's the myth that scientists widely feared global cooling in the l970's. According to the standard version of this story, everybody in the 1970s thought that the Earth was actually getting colder, and that we were inContinue reading “Why deniers cling to the “global cooling” myth: a theory”