Climate change skeptic turns on deniers: some details

Eugene Robinson wraps up the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project results in an op-ed for the Washington Post:  [Richard] Muller found that skeptics are wrong when they claim that a “heat island” effect from urbanization is skewing average temperature readings; monitoring instruments in rural areas show rapid warming, too. He found that skeptics are wrongContinue reading “Climate change skeptic turns on deniers: some details”

Why deniers cling to the “global cooling” myth: a theory

At Boing Boing, Maggie Koerth-Baker does an excellent job of retelling the myth that global climate change deniers adore. That's the myth that scientists widely feared global cooling in the l970's. According to the standard version of this story, everybody in the 1970s thought that the Earth was actually getting colder, and that we were inContinue reading “Why deniers cling to the “global cooling” myth: a theory”

Insurance Industry Debunks Climate Change Deniers

From a report by an international group of multi-billion dollar insurers attending the Copenhagen conference, led by Munich Re, against climate change denier claims: Business knows how to keep it simple. What does the international insurance industry want? An agreement to reduce emissions — now. What we need now is leadership. It is up toContinue reading “Insurance Industry Debunks Climate Change Deniers”