Thoreau: Craving Reality

The New York Review of Books posts in its entirety a spectacular essay from Robert Pogue Harrison, this time on Thoreau on his centennial birthday, and en or so books and exhibits about The True American. Thoreau (to my blinkered view) is that exceedingly rare writer/philosopher capable of seeing afresh the most fundamental elements ofContinue reading “Thoreau: Craving Reality”

The Sexiness of Henry David Thoreau (ca. 2009)

Who would've thunk it? From a clever Los Angeles Times food piece, with a great pic and quote: First the quote, from raw food advocate/punk rocker Amanda Brown: People don't realize that just as there are all these professional people going to train at Le Cordon Bleu, there is a whole generation of chefs whoContinue reading “The Sexiness of Henry David Thoreau (ca. 2009)”