Be true to your depression: James Hillman

The late great Jungian analyst James Hillman, on depression. Christian myth, the soul, and the path depression offers to those who experience it.  From his compilation A Blue Fire: "Depression. Because Christ resurrects, moments of despair, darkening, and desertion cannot be valid in themselves. Our one model insists on light at the end of theContinue reading “Be true to your depression: James Hillman”

The egoist and the altruist: Javier Marias

The Threepenny Review has fallen in love with the Spanish writer Javier Marias. Every issue for the last year has included an essay of his; this summer's issue begins with his startling piece on egoists. Here's his conclusion. Note that he seems to consider all writers to be egoists: …the great virtue and advantage ofContinue reading “The egoist and the altruist: Javier Marias”

A President: Somebody Who Will Tell You the Truth

By God, an issue has cropped up in this three-person race for the Presidency, and two candidates have shown themselves ready and willing to become Panderer-in-Chief, and one has not. Numerous commentators have made the point: James Fallows: The pandering and ignorance-across-party-lines represented by the John McCain-Hillary Clinton united front for a temporary reduction inContinue reading “A President: Somebody Who Will Tell You the Truth”