Happy Fortieth, Earth Day

Well, my story about the fortieth birthday of Earth Day for the Ventura County Reporter is a few days early, but what the heck — the occasion does deserve celebrating, and a few questions for local enviros.  Let me recommend it to you.  My favorite quote, from Paul Jenkin, of the Ventura County chapter ofContinue reading “Happy Fortieth, Earth Day”

Tracking Stimulus Funds in Ventura County

Here's my cover story on the stimulus package here and its work in Ventura County in the Reporter… "If you ask county administrator Sue Hughes how much money from the massive economic recovery bill, passed in Washington in February of this year, is going to Ventura County, she will direct you to the county website,Continue reading “Tracking Stimulus Funds in Ventura County”

Why Santa Barbara Homes Burn and Ventura County Homes Don’t

The excellent story in the Ventura County Star doesn't come right out and say it, but essentially it's simple — homes built after modern fire codes are far less likely to burn. 'Specially on large lots: There are thousands of homes in Ventura County that, like Eichele’s, are on what fire officials call the “urban-wildlandContinue reading “Why Santa Barbara Homes Burn and Ventura County Homes Don’t”

VC to Set the Bar for Nation in Recycling Stormwater

According to hard-working Heal the Bay activist Mark Gold, the Southern California Regional Water Quality Board this month committed Ventura County development projects to capturing stormwater and using it to replenish local aquifers. This means avoiding pollution and saving water — the best of possible solutions to two problems simultaneously. Most remarkably, the ruling commitsContinue reading “VC to Set the Bar for Nation in Recycling Stormwater”

Tar on Your Foot: Oil in Ventura County

The down and dirty about Ventura County’s oil legacy (cover of the VCReporter) By Kit Stolz 04/16/2009 Anyone who has ever lived in the Ventura County area and walked barefoot on the beach has probably at some point felt something sticky on his or her foot and found a black substance commonly kno wn asContinue reading “Tar on Your Foot: Oil in Ventura County”

It’s No Party at the LA Times

Miguel Bustillo, a first-rate reporter and writer who came up through the ranks of the LA Times, is leaving to take a job with the Wall Street Journal. American journalism is full of LA Times ex-pats: another is  Robert Lee Hotz, was the top writer at the paper on global warming issues before he leftContinue reading “It’s No Party at the LA Times”